Redundant Tautologies


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A 0:00 - Anti-egress
B 0:21 - Parallel Colors
C 1:45 - Cryptogram
D 2:57 - Neurasthenia
E 4:23 - Pseudoparticles
F 5:28 - Chandelerium I
G 6:01 - Psychometrics: Nominal
H 7:01 - Perpendicular Colors
I 8:13 - Etaoin! Shrdlu!
J 8:46 - Specious Methods
K 11:10 - Chandelerium II
L 12:00 - Sex Atrium
M 12:22 - X-height
N 13:00 - Neuronal-social Synchrony
O 14:33 - Effortless Zeal
P 15:11 - Oblique Colors

Redundant Tautologies is a document of experimentation with the Tidal live coding environment. The single cohesive piece on display is arranged into "zones." These are the Zones of Redundant Tautology.

Sample material includes pieces of previously released and future BLÆRG tracks, as well as yet unused works. Material from Tidal's native sampler and raw modular synth recordings have also been incorporated.

While not an exercise in "pure" live coding, much here represents that approach. Some zones have been augmented with outside sounds, others used as the backbone for rigorously sequenced segments using additional software.

BLÆRG directs the highest order of appreciation toward Kindohm for the 1-on-1 tutorials and bottomless well of support, and also to Alex McLean for crafting and continually refining the Tidal live coding environment.

Artwork: Xochitl Garcia aka NOMONYM BOT


released February 16, 2016




Immigrant Breast Nest

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